Ayoki Island, a dream holiday.

Meals, activities

The activities on the island are varied and suitable for all ages, all levels


- Walk on the reef at low tide, you can explore spat corals, many starfish, shells, sea cucumber and sea snake (not dangerous)

- Earth Walk on the island, with its high partly covered with natural vegetation, and a flat portion covered with coconut trees, where you will meet some fishermen families staying in scattered settlements.

- Swimming and coral viewing, wildlife diving with a snorkel and mask.

- Practice surfing, from beginner under supervision at a more advanced level.

- Rest and beach activities in small isolated coves, where we find the white sand. These small areas are safe for all children

Seaside promenade

Walk on the island

Marine life


relaxing beach


Discover the marriage of French gastronomy with the use of seafood, vegetables and exotic fruits from the experience of Joy, you will taste in a clean natural romanticism and daydreaming.


The welcome and satisfaction of guests is a tradition in the Philippines.

Our all-inclusive basis, housing, food, drinking water, transport aim to give you any satisfaction, and ensure pleasant moments. Beverages other than drinking water, fruit juices, beers, wines, and local rum are your responsibility in addition, to pay on site