Mera farm

Mera farm is first a farm based on rice cultivation practiced in a traditional way and is managed collectively through the family in the management of irrigated land.

Dominique and Mera had taken the technical management of the operation, we want to improve the technical performance while still using traditional means;

- Plowing with carabao (Asian ox)

- Fertilization, by gradually letting out the mineral fertilizers in favor of organic elements (recovery of organic waste including carabao shits, composting and vermiculture.

- Adding mineral supplements including zinc (Zn +) to increase plant vigor and reduce to eliminate insecticide spraying

- Weeding and tillage located throughout the growing of rice according to SRI technique called to work on root production combined with a more rational water management (water level less than 5 cm during the first weeks to enhance root elongation

At the main production, rice, we also practice other activities;

- Cultivation of vacant land for organic vegetable production

- Preparation of medicinal plants, algae (the lato, Caulerpa lentillifera and Guso, Eucheuma sp), abalone for the Philippine market,  juice from the fruit products in the territory (pasteurization and packaging bottled) and available for distribution.


Finally, to close our various activities, welcoming tourists, interns, spa guests by organizing visits and making them taste the various products including seaweed, seafood, and, if they wish, to discover the various plants with multiple virtues as guyapano the preventive and curative properties against cancer, bitter gourd (for diabetics), the akapulco for those who have skin problems, liver ... and so many others with multiple properties on cure all ills, any health problems, which are the subject of  research in order to solve the  local missing industrial drugs (deficiency in the supply of rural pharmacies)