Visit Cebu and Manila

The travel time between Manila and the base camp of Ayoki requires two days to go, especially for the return , taking into account the differences between the various means of transport.

Wait times will therefore be occupied by various visits ;


A first Philippine approach via the two largest cities of the country


Visit the ancient city of Manila , the remains of the Spanish occupation


Discovery of Manila Bay near the modern city. Animation and the sea in restoration.

Visit to Fort San Pedro in Cebu , remains of the Spanish colonial era when Cebu was the capital of the Philippines

For safety reasons, all visits will be in groups, supervised by your guide, Dominique , that will make you benefit from his experience of traveling to the Philippines

The most beautiful discovery will however markets , full of colors , fruits and vegetables, seafood ...



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The Philippines , a complex history to discover through its two largest cities , Manila and Cebu , including that of Spanish colonialism until the early

Nineteenth century, having bequeathed as a legacy Catholicism full of symbolism found in monuments, mass gatherings as the party of the Nazarenes .


Nazarenes Day , the tradition reminiscent of Andalusian country


Arrival of Pope Francis II in Manila, with over six million people welcome